A Pistol License is not required to shoot at the Range.
A Pistol License is not required to shoot at the Range.

NOTE: A Pistol License or Gun Permit is NOT Required to shoot at the Range.

State of the Art Climate Controlled Pistol Range

Quick Facts

  • Range Dimensions 40' x 65'
  • Range Area: 2,600 square feet
  • Air Conditioner Capacity: 40 tons
  • Furnace Capacity: 800,000 BTU's
  • Air Flow: 24,000 cubic feet per minute
  • Fan Diameter:  8 feet.
  • Fan Motor Size:  75 hp, with variable frequency drive.
  • The air handler is the size of an 18 wheeler truck.
  • There is 1 air duct for each shooter.
  • The air handler uses so much power that a dedicated electrical utility had to be constructed.
  • Air Exchange Rate: 52 seconds (all the air in the range is filtered and recirculated every 52 sec).
  • Number of Air Filters: 75
  • Cost to replace Air Filters:  Over $7,000
  • Temperature: 70-75 degrees at all times
  • Humidity:  30%-60% at all times
  • Cost of Air Handling System:  $260,000 (1,000 per square foot).  The range has a negative atmospheric pressure.  This prevents toxins from leaving the room when the doors are opened.
  • The Climate Control System has its own Internet Static IP address.  All vital systems are remotely monitored and controlled online.  If a hazardous condition is sensed, an alarm will sound and the system will shut down. 




Air Handler Final Inspection Test

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