A Pistol License is not required to shoot at the Range.
A Pistol License is not required to shoot at the Range.

NOTE: A Pistol License or Gun Permit is NOT Required to shoot at the Range.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

Jerry Gumaer — 5 star

I was in town for the birth of my first grand baby. Took my youngest daughter to what I would say is one of the nicest indoor gun ranges. I have shot at few of the best ( H and H in Oklahoma City and Tulsa gun club) and this place is second to none. Great ventilation system and the nicest people you will ever meet. I'm looking forward to my next trip because this place is first class.



Matt Dopson — 5 star

I live in Dallas, TX and this range easily competes with every one I've been to there. Kudos Montgomery on putting in a classy indoor gun range.



Brent Pickett — 5 star

I have been a competition shooter in IDPA, USPSA, 3 Gun, and GSSF for over a decade. Needless to say, I have shot in many ranges throughout the Southeast and I am highly impressed with every aspect of this range. It is as nice as any range I've been in. We are so lucky to have this here in Montgomery! I highly recommend this range for anyone, whether you are a hardcore shooter or just looking for an entertaining night. They have everything you need to rent if you don't have your own. The owner and staff are superb.


Kelly Cantrell Colley — 5 starAWESOME  AWESOME  AWESOME!!! My boys (17 and 14) absolutely loved it... They didn't want to hang out with mom and until we got there and they realized how much fun it was... Pricing was unbelievable .. $16.50 that's tax included boys had a great time. It's $5 for kids under 16 and for kids and adults over 16 it's $10... That's for all day (pricing is for use of archery range). They've got several decoys set up, bow holders arrow holders seating... Staff is friendly and very helpful ... Will definitely be back!! 

Jeff Hammonds — 5 star

Awesome atmosphere and even better staff! I was firing my PX4. I loved that place! I had a blast and will be returning. If I had any issue it was that the price was maybe a little high but the way the staff treats you more than makes up for it.



Robert 'Rc' Hall — 5 star
Great atmosphere. Obvious safety first initiative. Friendly helpful staff. Price is only 5 more than next closest range but you'd spend that in gas. New in the business but you'd never guess that from the knowledgeable friendly staff price is competitive with other ranges I have been too. Will return!

Brandon Jamael — 5 star

Great place, great prices, great people. Very friendly and helpful staff, along with a nice facility and good prices. I enjoyed myself so much on my first visit I bought a membership



Alisha Conway Caton — 5 star

Very friendly staff, great facility, reasonably priced, made for an awesome date--lots of fun! Could walk in with nothing, or could bring everything. Helpful staff there to assist with little or no experience-makes you feel comfortable. Love that it's available in our area!



David Woodward — 

Great people, comfortable atmosphere, reasonable prices, and it's nearby (if you live in/near Montgomery). No more driving 45 minutes to stand out in the sun at some outdoor shooting with no oversight where you hope the moron next to you waits until you're gone before he blows himself up. I especially like that they make everyone sit through a safety video before shooting for the first time. It made me feel much more relaxed.



Eric Lambert — 5 star
Love the facility and the management...They are very welcoming to all experience level shooters. Good family time...

Summer Jones Magnus — 5 star

First time going & it is awesome! I'll definitely be back. BEST DATE NIGHT EVER!!!



Shenise Houser — 5 star

Helpful staff and good fun! I look forward to my next visit.



Donna Jordan — 5 star

I loved my experience! I never shot a gun before in my life before I visited the complex. The staff took their time to explain every detail. They were patient and provided excellent instruction! I will be back without a doubt!



Austin Saunders —5 star


I truly enjoyed my experience at the Montgomery Indoor Shooting Complex. The facility is very impressive. I have never shot a handgun before and I am looking to buy one. I was a little intimidated because I know nothing about firearms but Frank and Ms. Lilly were extremely helpful teaching me

about the differences and how to handle them safely.



Ralph E. Otte —5 star

We went to the range. They stress safety. I have had some handgun and rifle experience from the military, but that was decades ago. The owner treated all weapons as if loaded and has a mandatory safety video. Not sure what you want to fire? They have a variety pack that allows you to try different guns for one price. I really enjoyed my time there.



Jeneis Watt — 5 star

This place is awesome! It was my first time at a firing range and they made me feel so comfortable. The owner took the time out to show me a few things. And I overall had such a great time. It was so exciting. LOVED IT! I plan on coming back for my birthday, and I live in Atlanta lol.



Da Meemz — 5 star

I am a definite novice, have guns in the house they are my husband's. I never thought I would need to learn

how to use them. That was until trouble moved into our world. I was told to get a gun and learn how to use it. So I went shopping. The people at the shops were nice but knowing I was a novice didn't spend much time, make the sale and bye bye. I had called the Montgomery Indoor Shooting Complex a couple of times and talked to Lily. She was very kind and patient so I was sold. My husband and I went in to sign me up. I with my new gun still in the box and him with his "Daddy's 22". I was totally intimidated. Then it happened, they smiled and started explaining everything and I relaxed. Lily took me in the range and spent a good amount of time explaining not only my gun and how to use it but showing me what I needed to do and how to do it. I am grateful to all of them for the kindness and understanding I was shown on my first day and everyday since then. I didn't feel so out of place and stupid. I have been a few times and every time I am treated with kindness and respect. If I have questions I get answers. They take their time. All of the people that work there are wonderful, they are friendly, knowledgeable, professional, respectful people, and throw their interactive humor in and it is a sure winner. It is nice to watch them interact with each other, you can see the respect that they have for one another and that is not a common thing anymore. Every time you walk in you are greeted with a smile and a warm Hello. Now for the facility. It is very clean, everything is laid out in a user friendly way, it is comfortable and inviting. I loved that they show new comers a safety video I think that is an excellent idea. The lanes are setup very nicely and easy for even myself to use since I am pretty short. Changing out a target is pretty easy the stations are well lit with plenty of space. Safety is a priority there and you see it in all areas. Everything is noted or there is signage to indicate how you are to work in that area. I love the Montgomery Indoor Shooting Complex. I think it is a wonderful venue, run by some compassionate and knowledgeable people. I hope it is successful in everyway possible. I am proud to be a member!!



John Keating — 5 star

I had a great time! First time ever shooting a gun and the instructor, Matthew, was knowledgeable and patient. The entire staff was helpful and friendly and the facility was well laid out and maintained. I feel much more confident now with a firearm and I will definitely go back!



Justin Price — 5 starHad a great time here today, having some father-son time. The Staff is totally professional, educational, friendly, and safety conscious. My 12yr old had the time of his life. Thanks to the great range masters,staff, and owner for walking him through shooting for the second time! Very family and also new shooter friendly! There aren't many places you can totally feel money has been well spent, the Montgomery Indoor Shooting Complex brought it to Montgomery, AL



Steve Holloway — 5 star

Outstanding establishment. Well organized, professional atmosphere with friendly, knowledgeable personnel. I frequent this establishment at least twice a month and recently purchased a membership. A great place to practice your shooting...pay them a visit...you won't be disappointed



Ashleigh Worthington — 5 star

Great time with my family on Mothers Day! The staff was so nice in showing us the proper and safe way to handle and shoot a gun! Definitely should take your family with you or go by yourself! We will be back!



Rob Basler — 5 star

Had a great time here! Owners are extremely passionate and knowledgeable about their field!!!



Joseph Ray Hamel — 5 star

The best shooting complex experience I've ever had. Workers were extremely friendly and helpful. You can tell they enjoy they're job. We rented the desert eagle and it was completely worth it.



Sarah Mason — 5 star

Tried the range out on valentines day and had a great time shooting zombie targets and the ladies special was extra bonus. Very friendly service by everyone~! Definitely recommend



Tat N Kandas Granger — 5 star

LOVE IT!!!! The owners are so super wonderful and helpful - me and my husband go pretty regularly and love it - so glad we have somewhere to go learn/practice shooting in a safe friendly environment in Montgomery!



Summer Jones Magnus — 5 star

First time going & it is awesome! I'll definitely be back. BEST DATE NIGHT EVER!!!



Mia Hutcherson — 5 star

Great facility! Helpful, knowledgeable staff... First time shooter and they made me feel comfortable and safe... I will definitely be back!



Wallace Coleman — 5 star

All of my experiences at this facility have been great. I really enjoy the friendly and helpful staff. Good customer service is a rarity nowadays and its just nice that this facility has it. I go back every chance I get.



Mike White — 5 star

Great shooting range, excellent, very professional staff. I have been a regular there for the past month, and have been having a great time. I bought an annual membership, very reasonably priced. Very good selection of targets and rental guns.



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