NOTE: A Pistol License or Gun Permit is NOT Required to shoot at the Range.  Reservations are NOT Required.  First Come First Serve.

Acceptable Payment Methods

MasterCard Visa Advance payment Cash on delivery
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Option 1 - Bring your own equipment

$23/hr per shooter (plus tax) - Range time only.  Customer has their own firearm, ammo, eye protection and ear protection.  Customer must purchase at least 1 target. Target prices start at $1.50 (plus tax).


NOTE:  All firearms brought onto the property must be in a box, bag, or case, NO EXCEPTIONS.  All firearms brought onto the property must be unloaded. NO EXCEPTIONS


Option 2 - Range provides all equipment

  • Range Time -      $23 (plus tax) per hour per shooter.
  • Firearm Rental -  $12 (plus tax) Pay once, try as many firearms as you like. 
  • Ear Protection  -  $1 (plus tax)
  • Eye Protection -  $2 (plus tax)
  • Target -                $1.50 each (plus tax)
  • Ammunition -       $15 -$ 29 per box (plus tax) depending on caliber.
  • Total Cost to Shoot: $54.50 - $68.50 plus tax per shooter.


Option 3 - Parent plus child


Parent plus child age 15 and under - $34 (plus tax) per hour for range time only.


A child as young as 12 may shoot, at the sole discretion of the Range Safety Officer, when accompained by a parent or guardian.  Type of firearm and ammunition is restricted.  Minors must wear double hearing protection. Customer must purchase at least 1 target.  Target prices start at $1.50 plus tax.

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